WebConnect JAVA

Integrate Radisys MRF with JAVA-based Application Platforms

Our WebConnect™ JAVA is a software library that enables developers using Java-based Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs), including Oracle OCCAS and IBM Websphere, to rapidly build and deploy real-time voice and video communications services using those platforms with our market-leading MRF products. WebConnect™ JAVA implements a JSR309 compliant interface and allows Java developers to exploit the Radisys MRF’s real-time, multimedia processing capabilities for SIP and WebRTC communication services, while abstracting the lower level protocols.


  • Standards-based IMS MRF compliance for VoLTE and RCS

  • Fault-resilient architecture
  • New MPH6 card for MPX-12000 delivers industry-leading capacities for HD audio, video streaming, mobile HD video conferencing and IP to IP Transcoding
  • Supports revenue generation from multimedia value-added services (VAS)
  • Provides 3-10X capacity over existing technology
  • Based on MPX Operating Software (MPX-OS)


  • Core revenue generation engine for LTE/IMS networks
  • Scalable, industry-leading audio/video media processing performance
  • Open, convergence platform for audio/video services
  • MPX-OS foundation supports common capabilities, codecs, management and control interfaces across Radisys MPX product family

Revenue Generating Applications

  • Voice and Video over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Rich Communication Services (RCS)
  • Unified Collaboration and Multimedia Conferencing
  • Video Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Over The Top (OTT) Communication Services
  • Streaming Audio and Video Media Services
  • Video Calling
  • Audio/Video Ringback and Messaging
  • Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR)
  • Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE)
  • Core Transcoding for FMC and LTE-nonLTE Access

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