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The 3GPP calls it a Media Resource Function. Web and UC developers call it a Media Server. The conferencing industry calls it a conference bridge or a multipoint control unit (MCU). Regardless of what you call it or the underlying IP network infrastructure you have deployed, Radisys’ MediaEngine is the leading solution for enabling all your rich media applications.

Volte Feature

Volte Feature Image

We’re a leader in VoLTE, with more than 35 service providers around the globe leveraging our MediaEngine platform. When deployed with our partners VoLTE end to end solutions, we provide the real-time multimedia processing engine for multimedia telephony application servers (M-TAS), network announcement servers, next gen voice and video messaging and other value added services.

Our MediaEngine platform will help drive cost out of your network and accelerate new service introduction. It is packed with features and functionality that help reduce churn and attract new customers. Comprehensive 3GPP IR.92 and IR.94 compliance and proven interoperability with all leading handsets and feature servers ensure your VoLTE services are robust and rich.

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VoWiFi Feature

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VoWiFi brings voice to the Wi-Fi network, and like VoLTE, it requires media processing to deliver both basic calling services and enhanced services. Our MediaEngine portfolio is deployed in a number of VoWiFi deployments, delivering call completion and announcement services, audio conferencing and much more.

Infact when Apple announced support for VoWiFi in Sept 2014, we were the MediaEngine powering the first two mobile operators to support these new iPhone capabilities. 

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WebRTC feature

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The pundits are right. WebRTC is the great equalizer, allowing incumbent communication service operators to reach beyond geographic boundaries. Our MediaEngine portfolio gives operators and enterprises a head start in the era of contextual communications by helping existing applications be extended to WebRTC clients. Radisys’ MediaEngine transcoding capabilities are integrated inside many of the industry’s leading WebRTC gateways, ensuring seamless VP8- and OPUS-enabled browser and app interoperability with real-time communications services. Unparalleled scalability and economics make our WebRTC solutions stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

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Conferencing feature

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Radisys is the leading supplier of IP-based audio conferencing solutions for large hosted conferencing deployments and our technology was an integral part of WebEX’s disruption of the unified communications industry in 2004.  9 of the top 10 Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs) depend on Radisys MediaEngine solutions today. If you are looking to offer disruptive economics and capabilities or deploy cloud-based audio and video conferencing solutions for your customers look no further than Radisys.

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Value-Added Services (VAS) feature

Value-Added Services (VAS) feature Image

Radisys’ ecosystem of independent software vendor partners offers a broad range of turnkey and customizable applications that are fully certified with our MediaEngine products and enable operators to deliver innovative new services to their subscribers.

Our partners provide mobile and next-gen messaging, contact center, IVR, multimedia conferencing, unified communications, caller ring back tones and more. Global and regional partners can also support your new application development requirements or help you migrate legacy TDM and AIN services to your IMS based network leveraging your our OneMRF network evolution strategy.

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OneMRF feature

OneMRF feature Image

Historically, communications service providers have deployed new application and feature servers with their own vertically integrated media resources. The result has been a proliferation of media resources in the network leading to unnecessary cost and complexity.

By integrating a standards-based Media Resource Function (MRF) as part of an IMS architecture, CSPs can realize significant OpEx and CapEx savings and faster time-to-market for new services. Radisys’ OneMRF strategy: one media processing platform for all real-time media processing services and applications can help you save cost and future proof your network. 

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Transcoding feature

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Today’s HD audio and video codecs optimized for mobile and Internet networks use bandwidth more efficiently and deliver higher fidelity for an improved user experience and are key to combatting Over the Top offerings. However, codec advances have driven a need for more processing power in existing network elements like SBCs and Media Gateways which were never designed for high complexity audio or video processing. The next wave of codecs like H.265, VP9 and EVS will have an even greater impact on network resources. It’s time to rethink how we architect transcoding in media-rich networks. 

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Cloud Media Processing for NFV feature

Cloud Media Processing for NFV feature Image

Deploying your IMS in the cloud using NFV?  Our virtualized MRF is built on the same technology that has made us the market leader in hardware based media processing solutions for the past 15 years. With proven integration with leading NFV orchestrators, market leading performance on a broad range of COTS servers including those from HP, Dell and Cisco and IBM, and Radisys’ proven reliability and robustness, you can count on our MediaEngine virtualized MRF for your public and private cloud media processing needs.

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