Aerospace & Defense: High-Reliability Platforms and Mobile Communication Solutions

Embedded Products

Tough Platforms for Harsh Environments

Powerful, Ruggedized Processing Platforms for Military Applications

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Wireless Comms for the Battlefield

LTE Wireless Solutions for Military Communication System Integrators

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Why Radisys for Aerospace and Defense?

Challenge #1: High-Performance Processing for Harsh Environments

Military Applications require high-performance, long-life platforms that can operate in extreme enviromental conditions with respect to temperature, vibrations, and EMI.  Radisys embedded platforms, based on ATCA or ComE form factors, pre-integrated with management and middleware software, deliver the processing performance and reliability expected by military system integrators.

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Challenge #2: Delivering Robust Wireless Communications in the Battlefield

The modern battlefield is an environment with lots of radio noise and EMI.  Traditional military communication standards can address the requirements, but lag the bandwidth performance of modern LTE commercial wireless solutions.  Radisys CellEngine protocol software, engineered into robust military LTE communication solutions, can deliver the bandwidth performance, with the reliability to function in battlefield communication applications.  When integrated onto Radisys ComE small form factor processing boards, Radisys offers conceptual designs for ‘LTE in a box’ for infantry backpacks, or a small payload suitable for overhead military drones. 

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