Cable Network Operators:  Scale and Monetize your Broadband Infrastructure


Virtualize your Cable Network Infrastructure

SDN switching with traffic distribution for Virtualization and Network Evolution (VNE)

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Grow VoWiFi, VoIP, and Video Service Revenues

Versatile media processing solutions for PacketCable™ service platforms

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Software Defined Broadband Access

Faster Time to Market, Less Risk with Radisys Professional Services

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Why Radisys for Cable Network Operators ?

Challenge #1: Improving cable network agility and economics

Cable operators are beginning to leverage SDN and NFV to provide a more personalized customer experience, accelerate time-to-market of new services and optimize cost controls. NFV & SDN are the catalysts towards less compute-intensive network elements (particularly CPE).  These evolutions in technology accelerate innovation in subscriber services and dramatic improvements in the delivery of these services across the cable operator’s networks.  CableLabs’ Virtualization and Network Evolution (VNE) program will align SDN and NFV standardization initiatives, with the unique requirements of Cable Operators.  FlowEngine provides SDN-enabled switching with OpenFlow interfaces to enable virtualized network functions with service function chaining.

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Challenge #2: Growing Interactive Services over Cable Infrastructure

Cable operators own a vast network of DOCSIS set-top boxes in the field with WiFi capabilities, allowing operators to offer VoWiFi and interfactive video services.  But how do you scale those services, support advanced services, or interconnect those services with fixed or mobile network endpoints ?  The PacketCable™ 2.0 specification from CableLabs embraces the use of IMS for IP-based interactive service delivery.  Radisys MediaEngine provides the Media Resource Function (MRF) for an IMS architecture, supporting interactive HD service offerings, either developed by your team or offered through Radisys MediaEngine Partners, with versatile HD transcoding capabilities to interconnect your VoIP and VoWiFi offerings, with WebRTC, VoLTE, or Video over LTE services.

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