CellEngine™ for Access Point Vendors

Leverage deployment-proven small cell software for turnkey solutions.

Our CellEngine technology supports both 3G and LTE on the same platform, allowing Access Point Vendors to leverage a common software and baseband processing platform, pre-integrated with leading eNodeB System on Chip (SOC) vendors. CellEngine also supports residential, enterprise and public domain access points. 

CellEngine helps Access Point Vendors solve the following challenges:

Challenge #1: Integrating 3GPP Protocols

Understanding and integrating 3GPP protocols is extremely complex. Our TOTALeNodeB LTE small cell software and our Femtotality 3G small cell software are integrated with key protocol stacks and are already compliant with 3GPP standards. Access Point Vendors can eliminate the burden of developing, upgrading and trying to integrate these protocols, allowing themselves more time and resources to focus efforts on product differentiation. 

Challenge #2: Integrating Applications

Integrating applications requires expertise, time and money. Our CellEngine solutions already incorporate Trillium Small Cells application, RRM, SON, REM, OA&M, and Timing suite built on top of the LTE and 3G protocols. These solutions are also  integrated and verified across our market-leading silicon vendor ecosystem, thereby accelerating time to market.

Challenge #3: Interoperability in the Network

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to develop new protocol software and then have it interoperate with equipment already in the field. Our small cell software solutions are field-hardened and have been deployed across multiple networks, with proven interoperability with many handsets in the market. Our experienced Professional Services team can also work with Access Point Vendors to implement CSPs custom requirements for a smooth and interoperable deployment. 

CellEngine™ Solutions for Access Point Vendors

Why Access Point Vendors Choose CellEngine™

Business Benefits

  • Unprecedented time-to-market advantage
  • Turnkey, deployment-ready complete small cell solution
  • Reduced costs and risks
  • Proven interoperability
  • Confidence: More than 60 LTE customer wins

Technical Benefits

  • Provided as a source code, TOTALeNodeB includes the Trillium LTE eNodeB application, radio resource management (RRM), radio environment monitoring (REM), self-organizing network (SON), schedulers and all of the Trillium protocol layers
  • Integrated and system verified with leading silicon vendors

Common Questions from Access Point Vendors::

Yes. We deliver a pre-integrated, pre-verified small cell solution so that you can accelerate your time to market. We’ve also included extensive functionality to help jump-start your team progress. Finally, our expert Professional Services team can step in to provide custom development, integration and deployment services as needed. 

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