Why CellEngine™

Meet mobile subscriber demand for coverage and bandwidth.

Today’s mobile subscribers demand access to their multimedia content anytime, anywhere. Communication service providers are turning to small cells to augment their networks with additional capacity and coverage to meet this demand, while maximizing their spectrum.

Our CellEngine™ portfolio delivers pre-integrated, deployment-ready 3G and LTE small cell solutions, accelerating CSPs’ time-to-market. In addition, as CSPs move toward a Cloud-RAN (C-RAN) environment, our TOTALeNodeB™ LTE small cell software supports carrier-grade, application-ready C-RAN platforms, allowing CSPs to maximize the speed of network functions running in a virtualized environment.

Radisys’ small cell software:

  • Supports solutions ranging from residential to macrocells to C-RAN
  • Delivers comprehensive support for both LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD
  • Includes LTE-Advanced capabilities 
  • Enables Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets) with SON functionality
  • Allows CSPs to maximize expensive spectrum 

RAN Spectrum Optimization


Spectrum is expensive and scarce. CSPs are deploying small cells as part of a HetNet to optimize their Radio Access Network (RAN) spectrum. Strategically placed small cells take the pressure off the macro network, providing traffic offload, coverage and capacity gains, without an investment in new spectrum.

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Radisys Professional Services


We work with our customers and partners to deliver custom solutions for small cell deployments, from the lab to field trials to live deployments. By leveraging our team’s expertise in product development, integration and deployment, you can accelerate your time-to-market and minimize risk.

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Cloud RAN


Our small cell software solutions provide the flexibility to architect RAN functions in the distributed small cell access points, or centralize this software functionality in the Cloud RAN. We’ve partnered to deliver C-RAN ready platforms that deliver improved network efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.

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