MediaEngine™ for Independent Software Vendors:

Create Compelling Media Rich Applications More Easily 

You are experts in your market and create some of the most advanced and compelling applications but lets face it, there are parts of your solution which aren’t core to your business and which you depend on partners to help. You don’t make your own compiler,  don’t build your own servers, and heavily leverage commercial and open source libraries to help you get to market faster with more features and in less time. Media processing, while likely a key element of your solution is frankly hard to do well, scale and keep current with the ever changing codec landscape. Look to Radisys to help – our MRF and real-time transcoding solutions allow you to focus where it matters – on your business and differentiating from your competitors.

MediaEngine helps Independent Software Vendors solve the following common challenges:

Challenge #1: Too Many Features – Not Enough Time

Win more business by focusing your engineering dollars and energies on building the best application server and vertical market solutions possible and leave the media processing to a partner you can trust – Radisys. Our MediaEngine is easy to integrate, field proven and lets you stop worrying about media layer interop and media processing issues and focus instead on building new features and products for your customers.  Need more help? Our Professional Services experts are also available, allowing you to spend less time integrating our products and more time differentiating.

Challenge #2: Getting into the Largest Operators

It’s hard as an ISV to get the attention of the large operators but they are the crown jewel and can make your company. Radisys and our ecosystem of partners can help. Our OneMRF has been embraced widely and our platform is already at the heart of many operators networks. By building your solution on our MediaEngine platform you become part of an elite ecosystem of solutions and gain access to partners and operators previously unattainable. 

Challenge #3: Cost Effectively Scaling Media Rich Applications is Hard

Perhaps you already have your own media server or are using open source. That’s great but will it scale to hundreds of millions of subscribers? Let us help you scale your solutions for the most demanding customers by integrating your applications with our highly optimized MRF and transcoding products. Your solution will scale better, have richer media processing features and enjoy proven interoperability with more IMS, VoLTE, VoWiFi and WebRTC devices and solutions than ever before.

MediaEngine™ Solutions for Independent Software Vendors

Why Independent Software Vendors Choose MediaEngine™

Business Benefits

  • Focus R&D on service differentiation and other IMS elements rather than MRF and transcoding, resulting in faster time to market for your IMS solution
  • Achieve improved economics through lower CapEx (use resources more efficiently) and OpEx (fewer platforms to manage)

Technical Benefits

  • Use one common platform (OneMRF) for VoLTE, VoWiFi, WebRTC and other service solutions
  • Choose the best form factor for the job – MediaEngine media processing capabilities can be offered with our MPX-12000 (reliability, scalability, density) and our vMRF (flexibility, NFV compliance)

Common Questions from Independent Software Vendors::

Yes, we deliver accelerated time-to-market on multiple fronts. With deployments supporting tens of millions of concurrent calls in service provider networks globally, our MediaEngine portfolio has been tested with all of the leading IMS core network infrastructure vendors; VoLTE, WebRTC, UC clients; and hundreds of custom and off-the-shelf application servers.

In addition to rapid development and deployment from a product perspective, our Professional Services team offers resources to supplement development and testing resources, as well as implementation and operational teams. 

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