MediaEngine™ for Systems Integrators:

Accelerate your time-to-market and minimize deployment risk 

We designed our MediaEngine MRF solutions to integrate with IMS elements from a variety of vendors so you can put your solution into production for your customers faster and with lower risk. Our media processing platforms also provide all of the integration points needed to build the next generation of applications that are adopting WebRTC standards. 

MediaEngine helps Systems Integrators solve the following common challenges:

Challenge #1: Choosing an MRF that’s Feature-Rich and Scalable

Our OneMRF solution gives you a breadth of features and a wide range of deployment options. It covers the bases for your VoLTE and VoWiFi deployments; it handles the transcoding you will require for mobile, enterprise telephony and WebRTC use cases; and it provides you with a solid foundation for value-added services. Choose an MRF that will scale with you. Your solutions can be proven in the lab using our vMRF on COTS hardware or virtual machines and can be deployed using our carrier-grade MPX-12000 Broadband MRF or a cloud-scalable edition of vMRF. 

Challenge #2: Choosing an MRF Proven with Multiple Vendors’ Solutions

Do you want your solution to integrate with one vendor or all of them? Why take chances when you can select an MRF deployed today by industry-leading players such as Nokia, Mitel, ZTE and GENBAND. App servers such as IBM’s WebSphere Liberty and Oracle’s OCCAS and ECCAS are also certified to work with our MediaEngine OneMRF using an industry-standard JSR-309 plugin. We have been the leader in media processing for 15 years and our MRF solutions are proven in the market today. 

Challenge #3: Choosing an MRF that’s Standards-Compliant and Open

Standards-based products ease integration and deliver interoperability. There are a multitude of standards that you will need for your solution. Our MediaEngine OneMRF supports the media processing requirements defined in the 3GPP standards IR.92 and IR.94 for voice and video in VoLTE networks. On the control plane, it implements the Mr’ interface using MSML carried over SIP. For WebRTC integrations, MediaEngine handles the Opus and VP8 codecs. 

MediaEngine™ Solutions for Systems Integrators

Why Systems Integrators Choose MediaEngine™

Business Benefits

  • Lower integration costs and achieve faster time-to-market for standards-based services
  • Lower risk by adopting a platform used by multiple leading network equipment vendors

Technical Benefits

  • Use one common platform (OneMRF) for VoLTE, VoWiFi, WebRTC and other service solutions
  • Choose platform agnostic – MediaEngine media processing capabilities can be offered with our MPX-12000 (reliability, scalability, density) and our vMRF (flexibility, NFV compliance)

Common Questions from Systems Integrators::

Yes, we’ve already done the heavy lifting by building in the media features that you need. By adhering to industry standards, we accelerate your time-to-market by reducing the time needed to assure integration. For requirements that are a little off the beaten path, we can help by offering custom development services. 

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