MediaEngine™ for IMS Vendors:

Go to market faster and differentiate your product offering with confidence.

Our MediaEngine™ portfolio delivers the Media Resource Function (MRF) in an IMS architecture, helping telecom vendors bring their IMS solution offerings and innovations to market faster. With MediaEngine, you gain highly optimized, easy-to-integrate MRF and HD transcoding capabilities, allowing you to focus on other IMS functional elements and accelerate your evolution to cloud/software centric solutions. Partnering with Radisys results in faster introduction of your turnkey IMS solution to your communication service provider customers.

MediaEngine helps IMS Vendors solve the following common challenges:

Challenge #1: Too Few Internal Resources to Deliver Everything

How and where your Engineering team spends their time impacts your business and the business profitability. Let Radisys offload your team of the complex and challenging problems associated with real-time media processing and the never ending parade of new codecs and standards, so your Engineers can focus on highly differentiated core products and technologies. Radisys’ Professional Services are also available so you can spend less time integrating and more time differentiating.

Challenge #2: Integration Headaches and Product Delays

Any delay in your product adds costs and pushes out time to revenue. Our MediaEngine MRF is field proven around the globe in the most demanding operator’s networks and Radisys is acknowledged as the clear market leader. Our standards-based platform offers open interfaces and rich features, allowing for rapid integration with your IMS control elements. With more than 30 VoLTE deployments and over 6 million deployed ports, we can help you get to market quickly and are a partner you and your customers can depend on.

Challenge #3: Keeping Current in an Ever Changing Landscape

Do you have the domain and technical expertise for real-time media rich services? Is your team current in all the latest video standards? Does your software media processing scale well with complex codecs and cloud/NFV deployments? Our MediaEngine team is the largest in the industry and committed to staying on top and ahead of the market. Whether it’s comprehensive 3GPP IR.92 VoLTE  and IR.94 Video over LTE compliance, the latest codec like EVS Super Wideband, or emerging disruptive technologies like WebRTC and NFV, our MediaEngine team and professional services can help ensure you’re not caught lagging behind your competition as the industry shifts to video and cloud based media processing.

Why IMS Vendors Choose MediaEngine™

Business Benefits

  • Focus R&D on service differentiation and other IMS elements rather than MRF and transcoding, resulting in faster time to market for your IMS solution.
  • Achieve improved economics through lower CapEx (use resources more efficiently) and OpEx (fewer platforms to manage)

Technical Benefits

  • Use one common platform (OneMRF) for VoLTE, VoWiFi, WebRTC and other service solutions
  • Platform agnostic – MediaEngine media processing capabilities can be offered with our MPX-12000 (reliability, scalability, density) and our vMRF (flexibility, NFV compliance)

Common Questions from IMS Vendors:

Yes, Radisys can help reduce your costs/risks and help accelerate time to market in multiple ways

With over 50% market share in the MRF market, operator deployments supporting over 100 million subscribers and over 15 years focusing exclusively on IP media processing, Radisys is a partner you can trust. Our MediaEngine products have been tested with all of the leading IMS core network infrastructure vendors; VoLTE, WebRTC, UC clients; and hundreds of custom and off-the-shelf application servers.

In addition to our field proven MRF products which lower your risk and accelerate time to market, our Professional Services team offers resources that can help supplement your development and testing teams, and support your implementation and operational teams.

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