MediaEngine™ for WebRTC Solutions

Extend media services out to the Web with OneMRF.

WebRTC adds high-quality audio and video communications to a diverse set of applications, ranging from contact centers, medical consultations, online learning and even online dating. These applications allow you to add context in real-time, so that a call initiated from a web page or mobile app can tell the recipient who is calling and perhaps why.

The vast installed base of mobile and fixed phone systems presents an opportunity to connect these two worlds, but comes with the challenge of different codecs, media transports and signaling systems. With our technology partners, Radisys bridges these worlds, delivering one set of media services for users of web browsers, mobile devices and enterprise telephony.

Our OneMRF supports WebRTC’s Opus and VP8 codecs and provides automatic transcoding between them and our established suite of audio and video codecs. Now, WebRTC endpoints can participate in the same videoconferences as VoLTE endpoints; WebRTC users can access the same voicemail systems as PSTN users; and users of web and mobile apps can be conferenced seamlessly with call center agents and subject matter experts in hosted contact centers. We also provide support for encryption and for firewall traversal for media crossing the Web.

We also work with our partners to translate Web language to standard SIP signaling. Our WebConnect™ Java plugin for IBM’s WebSphere Liberty application server and for Oracle’s OCCAS and ECAS servers gives developers a JSR-309-compliant, standards-based interface for building media applications. MediaEngine also interoperates with GENBAND’s SPiDR WebRTC gateway to provide transcoding and media services. 


  • Support for Opus and VP8 codecs
  • High-quality transcoding between WebRTC and IMS and PSTN codecs
  • Built-in support for SRTP allows deployment without separate media gateway
  • WebRTC users can access existing media services, while telcos can extend their reach out to the Web
  • JSR-309 plugin allows app developers to build media services using industry-leading application servers
  • Choice of high-density, carrier-grade hardware, software or cloud deployment options

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