MediaEngine™ for Value-Added Services (VAS) Solutions

Enable service differentiation with scalable multimedia applications 

Next-generation networks will support higher levels of media convergence by delivering services across multiple modes of communication: voice, fax, e-mail, instant messaging, web, images and video. An MRF will combine all of these communication channels over a cost-efficient IP network, thereby providing a new avenue to deliver rich new feature and simultaneously lower costs.

The MRF is a fundamental element in an IP-based services infrastructure, processing and integrating real-time audio and video media streams along with data and fax. This role is the foundation for many value-added services, including customer service, multimedia service demos, surveillance applications, tele-voting while watching mobile TV, and playback controls for video streams (e.g., pause, fast-forward and rewind).

Our MediaEngine MPX-12000 Broadband MRF and our virtualized MRF (vMRF) support delivery of value-added services. Through our partnerships and customer relationships with industry leaders such as ZTE, Real Networks, and Comviva, we deliver a single, comprehensive media processing platform for all interactive HD video and audio communications services, along with value-added services such as ring-back tones, text overlay, etc., meeting mobile operators’ demands for reduced cost of ownership, network complexity and CapEx and OpEx. 


  • Wideband audio sound quality
  • High resolution video conferencing to 720p
  • ASR and TTS integration
  • Multiple control protocol options
  • Feature rich audio and video conferencing capabilities
  • Carrier-grade platform and cloud-based options with common functionality
  • Breadth of audio and video co

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