MediaEngine™ for OneMRF

Leverage one platform for all real-time media processing applications and services 

Communications service providers that deploy a decomposed network architecture gain significant advantages over the competition. By decoupling media resources from the applications that use them, and deploying a shared MRF as defined within the IMS architecture, CSPs can reduces costs and network complexity.  

Many services in the network utilize media processing, and individual applications experience peaks and valleys throughout the day, month and year. This means that in an IMS architecture fewer media resources can be used by more applications, resulting in hard CapEx savings. This resource sharing also applies to staffing resources as well, and consequently OpEx savings. Administrators no longer need to learn many ways to install, manage and administer elements that perform the same role.

MediaEngine is the leading choice for service providers’ OneMRF deployments. It provides a number of standards-based control interfaces for broad application server interoperability, delivers the richest audio and video feature set to serve hundreds of media application use cases, and boasts deployments around the world with the leading IMS and WebRTC network infrastructure vendors’ platforms. 

And a Radisys-based OneMRF strategy also carries the benefit of Radisys 15+ years of experience and worldwide, comprehensive deployment lifecycle support, 24/7. 


  • Significant OpEx and CapEx savings
  • Range of control interfaces including MSML, VXML, RFC-4117, in-line SIP, JSR-309 and more
  • Most extensive support for IR.92 and IR.92 for VoLTE / VoWiFi
  • WebRTC support
  • Broad and continuously expanding range of audio NB and WB, and HD video codecs
  • Application interoperability without code changes for both hardware accelerated and cloud/virtualized platforms
  • Full deployment and operations lifecycle support – 24/7 around the world

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