MediaEngine™ for Conferencing Solutions

Advanced media mixing for multimedia conferencing applications 

Making sound business decisions is often a collaborative effort amongst a group of people. And in today’s global economy, those people are increasingly geographically dispersed. In situations where a face–to–face group meeting is uneconomical, audio and video conferencing services offer a cost–effective and eco–friendly alternative for global business leaders to share ideas and conduct business from wherever they happen to be.

Radisys is the leading supplier of IP-based audio and video conferencing solutions for the large hosted conferencing deployments.  With over 6 million ports deployed with 9 of the top 10 Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs), our solutions offer disruptive economics compared to competitive solutions, for CSPs looking to deploy cloud-based audio and video conferencing solutions for their customers. 

Our MediaEngine portfolio supports rich conferencing capabilities through a variety of open programming interfaces, including Media Server Markup Language (MSML). Through these interfaces, conferencing application developers can program and dynamically control MediaEngine’s extensive real-time conference mixing capabilities, including voice quality enhancement (VQE), and 720p continuous presence video conferencing. 

MediaEngine also delivers differentiation for your conferencing offerings.  For VoLTE network operators, our MRFs support IR.92 audio and IR.94 video conferencing requirements.  We also support HD audio and video codecs common with WebRTC services, allowing you to offer ubiquitous multimedia conferencing experiences with automatic transcoding across TDM, VoIP, VoLTE, VoWiFi, and WebRTC endpoints.


  • Wideband audio sound quality
  • High resolution video conferencing to 720p
  • Multiple control protocol options
  • Feature rich audio and video conferencing capabilities
  • VQE features including integrated noise reducation and echo cancellation
  • Carrier-grade platform and cloud-based options with common functionality
  • Breadth of HD audio and HD video codecs

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