Industry-leading media processing performance

Our MPX-12000 is an advanced media server which supports multimedia resource function for LTE IMS, providing the scalable IP media processing required for Voice and Video over LTE (VoLTE), HD audio and video, and mobile VAS, combined with specialized media QoS processing services like VQE or IP-IP audio and video transcoding. 

MPX-12000 Monetizes Mobile Video

MPX-12000 Monetizes Mobile Video

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  • Standards-based IMS MRF compliance for VoLTE and RCS
  • Fault-resilient architecture
  • New MPH6 card for MPX-12000 delivers industry-leading capacities for HD audio, video streaming, mobile HD video conferencing and IP to IP transcoding
  • Supports revenue generation from multimedia value-added services (VAS)
  • Provides 3-10X capacity over existing technology
  • Based on MPX Operating Software (MPX-OS)


  • Core revenue generation engine for LTE/IMS networks
  • Scalable, industry-leading audio/video media processing performance
  • Open convergence platform for audio/video services
  • MPX-OS foundation supports common capabilities, codecs, management and control interfaces across our MediaEngine product family

Revenue Generating Applications

  • Voice and Video over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Rich Communication Services (RCS)
  • Unified Collaboration and Multimedia Conferencing
  • Video Value-Added Services (VAS)
  • Over The Top (OTT) Communication Services
  • Streaming Audio and Video Media Services
  • Video Calling
  • Audio/Video Ringback and Messaging
  • Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR)
  • Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE)
  • Core Transcoding for FMC and LTE-nonLTE Access

Specifications at a Glance

  • Up to 15,000 full duplex video processing ports
  • Up to 60,000 full duplex audio processing ports
  • Flexible media processing capabilities including multimedia play and record, multimedia mixing, IP-IP transcoding, Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE), Fax, and Speech (ASR/TTS)
  • Flexible control interface options, including SIP (RFC 3261), SIP (RFC 4117) for 2-party transcoding, Media Server Markup Language (MSML – RFC 5707), Netann, and VoiceXML
  • Video Codecs: H.263, H.264, VP8, Up to 720p (VP9, 1080p soon)
  • HD Audio codecs: G.722, AMR-WB, OPUS, EVS
  • Narrowband codecs: G.711, G.729AB, AMR-NB, EVRC, EVRC-B
  • RFC 2833 and in-band support for tones and network events
  • IR.92 audio and IR.94 video compliance for VoLTE
  • HTTP/S, SSH, SNMPv2/v3 and syslog for management
  • Full Fault-Resilient Architecture
  • NEBS Level3 compliance

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