MediaEngine™ Products

Our MediaEngine products process real-time audio and video media streams in IP communications network. We are the leader in media processing, having been named the #1 MRF vendor by IHS (formerly Infonetics Research) for more than 10 years in a row, delivering industry-leading performance and scalability.

Radisys’ MediaEngine Transcode Resource Function (TRF), including the TRF-12000 DSP optimized platform and the Virtualized TRF (vTRF) software only solution, allow communication service providers to deploy transcoding as an adjunct function which scales independently from, and complements existing legacy network elements such as session border controllers (SBCs) and media gateways.

Our award-winning MediaEngine MRF portfolio, consisting of our MPX-12000 Broadband MRF and our virtualized media processing solution, the vMRF, enables Communications Service Providers to drive cost out of their services delivery platform by consolidating all real-time media processing in their network onto a shared application and service agnostic platform.

TRF-12000 feature


The MediaEngine™ TRF-12000 platform offers advanced IP media transcoding and transrating capabilities with the scalability and proven reliability required to meet the most demanding operator needs to deliver HD voice and advanced video services.

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vTRF feature


The MediaEngine™ Virtualized TRF (vTRF) delivers carrier-class transcoding in a software product offering with performance-tuned virtualization support and cloud deployment capabilities. 

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MPX-12000 feature


The MPX-12000 Broadband MRF is an advanced media server that supports multimedia resource function for LTE IMS, providing the scalable IP media processing required for Voice and Video over LTE (VoLTE), HD audio and video, and mobile VAS, combined with specialized media QoS processing services like VQE or IP-IP audio and video transcoding.

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vMRF feature


Our vMRF runs on common, industry-standard server hardware. It is available in ‘bare metal’ form or as a virtual appliance, running on leading enterprise Linux distributions and virtualization platforms. The vMRF is aimed at customers looking for media processing with lower port densities, in lab environments or as a stepping-stone to cloud deployments.

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WebConnect feature


Our WebConnect™ JAVA implements a JSR-309 compliant interface, allowing Java developers to exploit our MRF’s real-time, multimedia processing capabilities for SIP and WebRTC communication services, while abstracting the lower level protocols. It is designed to work seamlessly with both the vMRF for cloud deployments and the MPX-12000, which provides leading price/performance for high density deployments.

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