Intel Dual–Core or Intel Core 2 Quad Processors with dual channel memory of up to 8 GB of DDR3 667/800

The RMS420-Q35JD embedded server is a flexible and scalable platform that offers high levels of performance at a reasonable price. Available Intel Core 2-Duo or Core2-Quad processors enable parallel processing to handle heavy work loads that previously required multi-processor servers or workstations. A combination of PCI-Express (PCIe) and PCI expansion slots allow the RMS420-Q35JD to be configured with a variety of Input/output (I/O), graphics display, coprocessor or special purpose add-in cards.


The RMS420-Q35JD is well suited for applications such as medium performance image and signal processing, machine control and instrumentation. As with all RadiSys embedded servers, components are carefully selected to meet industrial-grade specifications and assure long product life. Rigorous engineering change control procedures assure consistent product over a typical 5 year production cycle with no “surprises” due to undocumented hardware or software changes. The RMS420-Q35JD can be configured for either rack or tower mounting depending on the application.

Product Performance

Multicore processors combined with high speed DDR2 memory provide processing performance that previously required multi-processor servers costing much more. On-chip GMA (Graphics Media Adapter) technology supports high resolution video and “High Definition” audio without an adapter card. The PCIe x16 slot can be used for a high performance graphics card to support multiple high resolution graphics displays or for a coprocessor to further enhance processing performance. Two onboard Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports allow for high speed network connectivity. The combination of PCIe and PCI slots allow for configurations with additional high-speed I/O and/or special function cards and supports both new card designs that take advantage of PCIe bandwidth as well as older cards that were designed for the PCI bus.

Additional Specifications

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