Iuh Software

Trillium Iuh software supports the interface between the Home NodeB (Femtocell Access Point) and Home NodeB Gateway (Femtocell Gateway) in the 3GPP femtocell standards. Trillium Iuh software re-uses standard protocols from the 3GPP-defined UMTS standards like RANAP and GTP-u while introducing some new protocols to meet the specific requirements of 3G femtocell deployments. The protocol stacks that support the Iuh reference point are highlighted in the following diagram.

The UTRAN functions in the Home NodeB (HNB) are supported by RANAP while the HNB-specific functions are supported by a new protocol, Home NodeB Application Part (HNBAP).

UTRAN functions include:

  • Radio Access Bearer (RAB) management
  • Radio Resource Management (RRM)
  • Iu link management
  • Iu U-plane (RNL) management
  • Mobility management
  • Security
  • Service and network access
  • Iu coordination

HNB specific functions include:

  • HNB registration management
  • UE registration for HNB
  • Iuh user-plane management

The new protocols introduced by the 3GPP Home NodeB standards are RANAP User Adaptation (RUA) layer and HNBAP. These products seamlessly interwork with existing Trillium 3G Wireless stacks like RANAP, SCTP, IuUP, GTP-u, and RTP.

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