Iu UP Software

Radisys’s 3rd Generation (3G) Iu User Plane Protocol (Iu UP) protocol is a complete implementation of the 3GPP TS 25.415 version 7.3.0 (2006-12). It interfaces with RTP/GTP-u/AAL2 layers at its lower interface and interfaces with a customer provided application at the upper interface.

Located in the User Plane of the Radio Network Layer (RNL) over Iu interface, Iu UP is independent of the underlying transport mechanism. The Iu UP layer exports its services through Upper Service Access Points (SAPs) and accesses the services exposed by the provider layers through its Lower SAPs. The Iu UP protocol works in two modes: transparent and support.

An integrated Iu UP protocol stack comprises of the following Radisys products:

  • Iu User Plane Protocol (Iu UP)
  • GPRS Tunneling Protocol User Plane (GTPu)
  • Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)
  • ATM Adaption Layer Type2 (AAL2)
  • TCP/UDP Convergence Layer (TUCL)

The following diagram illustrates the external interfaces of the Iu-UP layer and how it fits into the environment:

Trillium 3G Iu UP software enables network equipment providers of NodeB, Radio Network Controllers, Femtocells, Femtocell Gateways, test equipment, or other products to:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce development costs
  • Reduce project risk of internally developed Iu UP applications

Product deliverables consist of C source software, documentation, training, the Trillium XML Test Architecture (XTA), a warranty and technical support.

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