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The CAMEL Application Part (CAP) portable software provides mechanisms to support operator services beyond the standard GSM services for subscribers roaming within or outside the Home PLMN (HPLMN).

The CAP product extends the IN framework to GSM/3G networks for implementing IN-based services within GSM/3G networks.

CAMEL is used when the subscriber is roaming between networks, allowing the home network to monitor and control calls made by the subscriber. CAMEL provides services such as prepaid roaming services, fraud control, special numbers (e.g., 123 for voicemail that works everywhere) and closed user groups (e.g., office extension numbers that work everywhere).

Trillium CAP software provides the following capabilities:

  • An interface to establish and terminate dialogues with the peer
  • An interface to invoke CAP operations
  • Encoding and decoding of CAP messages
  • Handling of ASN.1 errors in CAP messages
  • Handling of linked operations
  • Ability to distinguish dialogue phase based on ACN (Application Context Name)
  • Supported interfaces include: gsmSCF to gsmSSF, gsmSCF to gsmSRF, gsmSCF to gprsSSF, and gsmSCF to imSSF

The CAP software is portable C source code that can be compiled to run on any processor, under any operating system and with any system architecture. The modular design and simple interfaces allow the CAP software to be easily ported into any environment.

Trillium CAP software enables telecom equipment manufacturers of soft switches, signaling gateways, signal transfer points, service control points, media gateway controllers or other products to:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce development costs
  • Reduce project risk of internally developed CAP applications

Product deliverables consist of C source software, documentation, training information, a warranty and technical support.

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