AAL2 Software

AAL2 signaling is the signaling protocol employed to establish connections between nodes of an AAL2 network.

The AAL2 signaling software provides the following capabilities:

  • Procedures to establish, maintain and terminate switched AAL2 connections
  • Implementation of signaling transport converter modules to transport signaling PDUs over MTP3B
  • Implementation of signaling transport converter modules to transport signaling PDUs over SAAL (SSCOP/SSCF)

Trillium AAL2 Signaling software enables telecom equipment manufacturers of soft switches, signaling gateways, signal transfer points, service control points, media gateway controllers or other products to:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce development costs
  • Reduce project risk of internally developed AAL2 Signaling applications

Product deliverables consist of C source software, documentation, training, a warranty and technical support. AAL2′s Variable Bit Rate (VBR) service handles Voice-over-ATM far more efficiently than the Constant Bit Rate (CBR) service of AAL1, which allocates fixed bandwidth for traffic that is deterministically variable. AAL2 signaling provides bandwidth-efficient transmission of low-rate, short, and variable packets for time-sensitive applications by statistically multiplexing them using VBR ATM traffic class.

AAL2 signaling enables multiple user channels on a single ATM virtual circuit with varying traffic conditions for each individual user or channel. AAL2 signaling enables the packing of short-length packets into one (or more) ATM cell(s) and provides recovery mechanisms from transmission errors. AAL2 signaling is particularly critical in providing broadband transport for time-sensitive voice traffic in ATM’s weak spot, “the last mile,” via such enabling technologies as 3G wireless and DSL.

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