Solving the NFV Scalability Challenge


Hyperscale Infrastructure

Platforms for Virtualized Data Centers

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Carrier-scale NFV

Intelligent packet distribution to virtualized network functions

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Improve IMS Flexibility

Virtualized MRF solutions for Cloud IMS deployments

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Why Radisys for Network Functions Virtualization ?

Challenge #1: Economically Scaling VNFs with Telco-Grade Infrastructure

Communication Service Providers around the globe are migrating from inflexible networking equipment in telco central offices, to virtualized network functions under SDN control in next-generation data centers.  DCEngine is a comprehensive suite of products and services delivering hyperscale rack-level open platforms, designed for telecom NEBS and performance requirements, for economically hosting and managing thousands of Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs).

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Challenge #2: Mapping millions of data flows to thousands of VNFs

Networking functionality locked into proprietary network elements is inflexible and expensive to manage.  Network Functions Virtualization will support network functions as software elements, running on generic COTS hardware in your cloud data centers.  Early proof of concepts have proved promising, but what is the best way to scale and interconnect millions of data flows to thousands of virtualized network functions?  FlowEngine offers high-performance packet classification and forwarding to virtualized functions with service function chaining.

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Challenge #3: Fast, flexible introduction of VoLTE and HD interactive services

Service providers are increasingly motivated to deploy IMS architectures to deliver VoLTE,   VoWiFi, HD video, and interactive services.  Industry initiatives around NFV are migrating IMS functions from purpose-built hardware, to software functions running on COTS servers to reduce costs and accelerate new service introduction.  But delivering IMS media processing as a virtualized software function can be challenging.  Radisys MediaEngine vMRF provides a virtualized media processing solution for cloud IMS deployments, offering service providers and IMS solution vendors the industry’s leading capabilities and performance.

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Challenge #4: Reducing operating costs for the LTE RAN

LTE small cell deployments inherently require the distribution and management of thousands of small cell access points.  Ongoing management of these capabilities can become challenging for network operations.  Cloud RAN introduces an architecture where many RAN  functions can migrate from distributed access points back into the cloud.  Radisys CellEngine small cell protocol software is inherently modular supporting  Cloud RAN architectures with Self Organizing Network  (SON) capabilities.

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