ATCA Support of Wireless Flow-Based Routing

The evolution of wireless access is a much-discussed subject. The impact and schedule of Long Term Evolution (LTE), the adoption of femtocells for in-building access, and how WiMAX, Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA), and LTE will eventually play out are all dominating the agendas of industry watchers. Equally clear is that data-driven services are becoming much more popular with many operators providing an “always connected” service at a reasonable price, at least within the home region.

Achieving Higher Performance in Multicore Packet Processing

A new class of processor is appearing in a variety of storage, security, wireless base stations and networking applications to replace the very expensive – with long lead times to boot – proprietary Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) developed by OEM system solution providers as well as those designed by industry giants, such as LSI Logic and IBM.

Next Generation Network: Audio Conference Business Case

This white paper will help service providers understand the benefits and economics associated with implementing a Next Generation Network (NGN) audio conferencing service using IP Media Server technology.

The paper will start by comparing and contrasting TDM with IP-based service architectures, and then continue with an overview of NGN audio conferencing. A detailed business case model will be used to help determine and summarize the economic benefits of the IP-based approach by exploring two NGN service deployment scenarios.

Telecom Hardware Moving Toward “Buy”

Continually refining standards and the development of a healthy supplier ecosystem have steadily moved the telecom industry from proprietary to standards-based designs. As a result, network equipment providers (NEPs) are now in a position to avoid hardware design altogether and focus their development efforts on software-based value-added features. An evaluation of the make-versus-buy decision that considers the entire product lifecycle shows significant advantages on the “buy” side for everything from modules to entire systems.