CellEngine™ for Mobile Networks-in-a-Box

Deploy quickly a complete mobile network for coverage where and when you need it.

Commercial small cell technology is increasingly being used for specialized mobile network applications, including aerospace and defence, public safety and search and rescue. These applications have strict requirements for rapid deployment, security and size.

Our small cell software provides the foundation for communication system integrators to build these types of specialized rapid deployment mobile networks.

Our CellEngine software is pre-integrated with leading System on a Chip SoC suppliers using 3GPP-compliant interfaces and capabilities to build 3G base stations or LTE eNodeB access points. These mobile network access nodes can be engineered and deployed in small form factors, including an emergency response SUV vehicle or an infantry backpack. 

We also have available a complete Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) software solution. With the help of our Professional Services team, this EPC can be integrted with our CellEngine small cell software to provide a complete “network-in-a-box.” This integrated mobile network solution can also be deployed on our COM Express modules for deployment inside a UAV flying over a battlefield or emergency response situation.  


  • Deployment-ready solution reduces time-to-market
  • Field-hardened solution minimizes risk
  • Off-the-shelf software built from the ground up for usability and maintainability
  • Complete and portable application and protocol sofware suite for 3G and LTE small cells
  • eNodeB access points, or even a complete ‘network-in-a-box’ solution can be integrated on our COM Express modules for deployment in a UAV.

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