Lowering Cost-Per-Bit with 40G ATCA

Join Radisys for the second of a 3-part series of interactive and thought-provoking webinars featuring expert members of our CTO Office and Product Management teams as they address the industry drivers for more complete, connected intelligent systems and the unique challenges for deploying end-to-end LTE network infrastructure solutions from radio access to media processing.

Discover how operators can meet the demands of exploding mobile video traffic while increasing profitability and driving improved customer experience. Learn how ATCA-based platforms deliver increased efficiency, decreased delivery costs and improved performance.

Expanding network capacity and reducing cost-per-bit are key challenges facing mobile network operators. This webinar will examine the challenges presented by the explosion in mobile video and the benefits of moving to 40G ATCA, including reductions in cost-per-bit and increases in network bandwidth. The webinar will explore the value of 40G ATCA, the availability of 40G components and the potential for increased market velocity.

Topics covered:

  • Market overview
  • Why 40G ATCA?
  • ATCA platform building block choices for system developers
  • Increasing market velocity with embedded software
  • 40G performance gains over 10G systems
  • Reducing cost-per-bit for mobile network operators


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Eric Gregory, Director of Product Line Management, Radisys
As an ATCA Director of Product Line Management at Radisys, Eric is primarily focused on software for ATCA products. Eric’s background includes 10 years at Nortel working in its wireless business unit as a wireless data expert.

Simon Stanley, Analyst at Large, Heavy Reading
Simon is Founder and Principal Consultant at Earlswood Marketing Ltd., an independent market analyst and consulting company based in the U.K. Stanley’s recent work has included investment due diligence, market analysis for investors, and business/product strategy for semiconductor companies.

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