FlowEngine™ for Network (Tap) Monitoring

Access wirespeed packet classification, capture and forwarding for Big Data and network forensics

Today’s data center network is changing and for good reason. The massive growth in data traffic and bandwidth size, as well as the increasing demand for a greater portion of network traffic to be intercepted, are failing traditional monitoring devices’ scalability.

Existing network packet brokers are cost prohibitive, rigid and operationally taxing for large scale monitoring.   These traditional monitoring devices can not ensure 100% packet capture, causing a series of negative factors. For example, the analyzing statistics of flow and protocols is not comprehensive or is missing security precautions and faults because of the incoherent execution.

The transition to 100G deployments, the growing pressures of hyper-cloud architecture, and pervasive analytics requires a redefinition of the network tap solution. We designed FlowEngine to offer the ability to capture one or many specified flows that are programmed via SDN, while at the same time perform load balancing and traffic steering functions. The flows that are tapped can be converted into the industry standard .pcap file format for both Big Data and network forensic analysis.


  • Policy-based control of Service Function Chaining sequencing for each subscriber flow
  • Flow affinity
  • Millions of OpenFlow table entries
  • Millions of subscriber match tables
  • Millions of IP forwarding entries

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