FlowEngine™ for High Performance SDN Switch

Leverage a high-performance, intelligent packet forwarding element with OpenFlow control

Today’s large-scale IP networks are facing scalability and efficiency challenges through continued consumption of big, proprietary routers and switches, a traditional approach that has long overrun the procurement overhead. This closed architectural mindset can further lead to revenue loss due to its inflexibility to rapid change in service and application demands.

Our FlowEngine solution integrated with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology will unshackle that constraint.   

FlowEngine offers versatile sets of commonly used L2-L4 network functions that can be run on massive scale on robust SDN-enabled whitebox platform, or run elastically on x86 server – all programmable using OpenFlow.

FlowEngine is designed with SDN in mind to deliver an architecture that enables seamless scaling of forwarding plane elements, new possibilities of custom Value Added Services (VAS), and modular functionality of services/applications. 


  • 100G line rate switch with OpenFlow control
  • 1.2 Tbps intelligent data plane processing
  • Millions of OpenFlow table entries
  • Millions of subscriber match tables
  • Millions of IP forwarding entries

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