SDN Delivers Service Agility

Enabling network infrastructure that is dynamic, programmable, cost-effective and manageable

The majority of packet networks deployed today have been built using purpose-built routing and switching equipment, with control logic tightly coupled and integrated into purpose-built hardware. Software-defined Networking (SDN) architectures decouple network control from the switching and forwarding functions, enabling network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted from applications and network services.

FlowEngine is a cost-effective SDN-enabled switching and forwarding element with industry-leading performance, supporting OpenFlow interfaces for integration with third-party SDN controllers.

FlowEngine merges SDN architectures and orchestration principles with the practicality of high-speed flow forwarding. It allows each flow to be autonomously assigned to a virtualized-network-function pool at wireline speed, thereby avoiding the conventional controller decision latency while maintaining the coherency of centralized SDN management. 


  • Reduces network complexity
  • Reduces CapEx costs
  • Gain intelligent traffic management capabilities
  • Leverages standards-based OpenFlow interfaces
  • Choose from flexible platform options
  • Processes millions of flow entries across multiple match/action tables
  • Achieve wire-speed classification

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