NFV Scalability Challenges

Connect millions of flows with thousands of virtualized functions    

Subscribers are generating exploding volumes of traffic on mobile, fixed-line and MSO networks. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) provides a strategy to support this traffic with economy and scale by transitioning network functions on purpose-built hardware to software-implemented Virtualized Network Funtions (VNFs) running on COTS hardware. 

The challenge is that applying VNFs for millions of subscribers requires high-performance classification of each packet flow followed by the distribution of each flow to the required VNFs applicable to that subscriber or service.

We designed FlowEngine to rapidly classify the millions of data flows and then distribute these flows to thousands of VNFs – in real time. FlowEngine offloads the processing for packet classification and distribution, improving virtualized function utilization and making the overall NFV architecture more efficient.


  • Reduces network complexity
  • Reduces CapEx costs
  • Gain intelligent traffic management capabilities
  • Improves utilization of NFV compute resources
  • Hyperscale performance
  • Access wire-speed classification
  • Flexible platform options

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