FlowEngine™ Solutions

Solve SDN and NFV service scalability challenges

FlowEngine™ is an SDN-driven data plane (network) service elements with flexible and intelligent flow programmability to optimize the performance of virtualized and physical network functions while reducing network complexity and CapEx costs. FlowEngine is designed to operate in large service provider environments, performing high speed, context-aware flow management to achieve quickest new revenue with the highest QoE (Quality of Experience) for millions of subscribers.

High Performance SDN (Data Plane) Switch feature

High Performance SDN (Data Plane) Switch feature Image

FlowEngine offers communication network owners and data center operators an industry leading performance SDN data plane network service platform that can be programmed with OpenFlow controller and deliver up to 1.2 Tbps intelligent data plane processing. 

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Intelligent Flow Management feature

Intelligent Flow Management feature Image

FlowEngine enables rapid packet classification and stateful flow load balancing, with tightly coupled control logic by the SDN orchestration layer to steer traffic to the appropriate physical or virtualized network resources and applications.

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Dynamic Service Function Chaining feature

Dynamic Service Function Chaining feature Image

FlowEngine leverages SDN technology to dynamically chain service functions and build per-subscriber service affinity while significantly improving processing efficiences and minimizing latency.  The granular flow steering and service function selections provides the benefit of optimal compute and network resource utilization, thereby alleviating from capacity overprovision. 

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Network (Tap) Monitoring feature

Network (Tap) Monitoring feature Image

FlowEngine is the next evolution in network monitoring platform by utilizing ultra speed data plane (packet) processing and latest SDN architecture to enable massive scale packet capture and filter for large variety of mixed L2-L4 network flow profiles. 

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