FlowEngine ™ Intelligent Traffic Distribution System

Our FlowEngine tehchnology enables communication service providers to rapidly deliver new services and applications in a scalable, SDN-enabled network, while reducing network complexity and CapEx costs. It is designed to operate in fixed and mobile networks that demand high flexibility, scalability and guaranteed performance.

FlowEngine delivers:

  • Wirespeed flow classification to rapidly identify traffic,
  • Integrated load balancing to intelligently distribute loads and steer data flows to appropriate applications
  • Service chaining with flow affinity
  • SDN control to achieve unprecedented flexibility in new service introduction 

The FlowEngine software runs on our high-performance Traffic Distribution Engine (TDE) platforms.  



Introduced in 2017, the new FlowEngine TDE-2000 features 2.0 Tbps L2-L3 and 600 Gbps of bidirectional flow-based intelligent load balancing, in a compact 1RU form factor.

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Includes dual NPU modules for highest performance flow processing up to 1.2 Tbps throughput.

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Single NPU plus CPU module for on-board SDN controller or network analytics applications.

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Single NPU for cost-effective SDN data plane switch.

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