FlowEngine™ for DPI and LI Solution Vendors

Make virtualized DPI solutions more efficient 

As DPI vendors embrace virtualization, deploying virtualized functions on COTS hardware to perform Layer 5-7 packet inspection makes sense as applications require intelligence, database lookups or logic, which is well-suited for general purpose CPUs. However, performing layer 2-4 packet inspection and distribution requires raw speed, which is better suited for network processor technology.

FlowEngine provides reliable Layer 2-4 data plane processing, flow-based distribution and traffic steering at wire speed – all managed with open SDN control. Integrating FlowEngine with your offering results in a more efficient SDN-enabled virtualized DPI solution for communication service providers.  

FlowEngine helps DPI and LI Solution Vendors solve the following challenges:

Challenge #1: Current DPI Solutions Can’t Deliver Required Scale and Performance

Today’s DPI protocol-based inspection doesn’t have the data plane processing capacity to unscramble and decrypt thousands of packets/second. FlowEngine complements DPI and LI solutions, delivering high performance data plane processing and wirespeed flow classification, thereby increasing service throughput and leaving more capacity for VNF processing. Once a flow is classified, FlowEngine intelligently distributes the flow to the appropriate VNF where Layer 5-7 DPI and LI application processing can be performed more efficiently.

Challenge #2: DPI Functions are Becoming Virtualized and Specialized

As DPI applications move into the cloud and become more specialized, DPI and LI vendors are finding gaps in performance and scalability. We designed FlowEngine to operate in SDN and NFV infrastructures to deliver service-aware flow distribution and to redefine how services can be implemented to scale and achieve high levels of reliability.

Challenge #3: Disparate Solutions Bring Cost and Complexity to the Network

Traffic distribution to date has been achieved through a complex integration of discrete load balancers, edge routers and data center switches. FlowEngine replaces these components with a single system, reducing complexity, redundancy, and scalability issues while also decreasing CapEx and OpEx. FlowEngine combines essential feature capabilities with service-aware traffic steering functions and integrated SDN support. We provide the processing and programmability, allowing DPI and LI Solution Vendors to focus on specialized best-of-breed functions. 

Why DPI and LI Solution Vendors Choose FlowEngine™

Business Benefits

  • A more economical and scalable approach to building a virtualized DPI solution
  • Flexibility for a variety of use cases
  • Integrated Platform Management Software enables centralized software upgrades, diagnostic capabilities, and platform monitoring for reduced OpEx

Technical Benefits

  • Delivers up to 1.2 Tbps of Layer 2-4 packet classification and load balancing throughput in a 3U appliance
  • Intelligently steer individual data flows to the network resources required , improving overall utilization of the entire pool of NFV compute resources

Common Questions from DPI and LI Solution Vendors::

Yes. FlowEngine delivers high performance Layer 2-4 classification and forwarding of virtualized DPI functions in the correct sequence, enabling you to focus your resources on Layer 5-7 DPI processing logic. By partnering with Radisys, you can bring your solutions to market faster.

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