40G Broadcom Switch & Control

The ATCA-2340 is architected to be the heart of a cost-effective ATCA platform, providing highly integrated, centralized common equipment functions – switching, shelf management, network timing and system management functionalities.

The ATCA-2340 Broadcom 40G switch incorporates innovative and modular design to provide a highly configurable solution. For example, the designer can select L2 or L3 routing capabilities, I/O, network timing, and system management. It will meet or exceed bandwidth requirements for next-generation applications like LTE, WiMAX, DPI, and Mobile Video.

40GbE Fabric to Enable Highest Fabric Interconnectivity

The ATCA-2340 provides 40GbE hub-to-node connectivity. With the growth in video expected to put pressure on today’s 10GE infrastructure, the ATCA-2340 Broadcom 40G switch will provide the bandwidth necessary to implement 4G wireless as well as the next generation of video. The integrated switch silicon provides support for priority queues, packet classification, and flow control to enable strict bandwidth management for implemented applications.

The ATCA-2340 Broadcom 40G switch incorporates the latest generation of switching technology to provide 40GbE connectivity to the nodes slots in both 14- and 16-slot chassis as well as 40GbE I/O. Additionally, the ATCA-2340 also provides a considerable increase in front and rear I/O to provide the ports necessary to handle the throughput requirements of video and LTE.


  • Centralized common equipment functions: switching, shelf management, network timing and system management functionalities
  • 40GbE hub-to-node connectivity
  • Support for priority queues, packet classification and flow control
  • Increase in front and rear I/O
  • Base switch provides PICMG 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet backplane connectivity
  • Optional on-board COM Express

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