Disruptive Analysis White Paper: Addressing the expanding need for Media Processing in telecoms networks

by Dean Bubley, Founder – Disruptive Analysis

As operators adopt more forms of IP communications – either transitioning old services to all-IP networks, or creating new ones – it will be necessary to consider (Media Processing) MP as a specific fundamental building-block, and optimise its deployment where possible. WebRTC is a particular enabler of the “democratisation” of voice and video services, which will lead to multiple stakeholder groups and business units within operators working on IP communications in tandem.

Rather than recreate MP functions for each new service or application, it makes sense to deploy shared and virtualised MP servers that can be re-used for different purposes as required. This also fits with the increasingly-popular concept of network function virtualisation (NFV), and may also reflect the need for intelligent location and management of MP elements for best latency and transport traffic minimisation.

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