Deploying LTE over Unlicensed Spectrum

Data traffic on the network is exploding due to an ever increasing number of subscribers and devices, along with the high bandwidth services they access such as mobile video.

This paper discusses how mobile operators can leverage LTE small cells and unlicensed spectrum to:

  • Save costs on network expansion to meet future demands
  • Increase bandwidth by delivering access to hundreds of MhZ of spectrum in unlicensed spectrum
  • Deploy small cells as a neutral host to support both LTE and Wi-Fi and to realize the full potential of LTE-Advanced
  • Increase mobile support and robustness against interference compared to Wi-Fi

You will also learn how Radisys’ CellEngine™ TOTALeNodeB™ small cell software can help you address:

  • Different regulatory requirements in different regions across the globe
  • Changes required in RF, baseband and the MAC/other upper layers in LTE in both the eNodeB and UE
  • Co-existence that is acceptable to both LTE and Wi-Fi communities

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