VoLTE/RCS Webinar: My Top Five Reasons to Attend

I invite you to attend Radisys’ upcoming webinar on “Monetizing VoLTE and RCS Services” and learn how operators can grow their revenues beyond flat-rate data plans. Together with our partner Mavenir, we’ll share our experiences in the delivery of the world’s first VoLTE deployment at MetroPCS.  Here are my Top Five reasons why you don’t want to miss this session:

1. Understand Trends in LTE Service Rollouts

  • Mobile data traffic is growing exponentially, driving major investments in LTE networks around the globe. We believe a second wave of LTE investment is underway, focused on investing in deploying IMS architectures to deliver VoLTE and personalized video services.

2. Learn How to Grow LTE Service Revenues

  • Many LTE operators are looking to broadband mobile data plans to recover LTE investments, but savvy operators are also planning to offer voice, RCS and personalized video calling, adverts and conferencing services to maximize ARPU.

3. Discover Alternatives for Delivering Voice and Video in an LTE Network

  • There is  more than one approach to deliver voice to an LTE subscriber. Learn about various standards-based alternatives for delivering voice and personalized multimedia services to LTE customers. Understand why VoLTE, based on IMS architecture, is the preferred approach to maximize technical and business benefits.

4. Find Out How Operators Can Differentiate Service Offerings

  • Learn now operators can deploy an IMS to deliver QoS and policy-based ‘network aware’ service offerings, and position these advantages compared to OTT services.

5. Learn About VoLTE and RCS Benefits for LTE Subscribers

  • Understand how VoLTE, RCS, and other video VAS services deliver significant benefits to subscribers.

Register now so you don’t miss this one…and feel free to send any questions you’d like us to address during the webinar in the comments section below.

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