Video value-added services can increase mobile operator ARPU

The year is quickly coming to a close and we’ve just wrapped up our Optimizing Mobile Networks webinar series with the third and final installment. While the previous two webinars discussed network optimization and maximizing the return on network investments, our final webinar,Optimizing Value Added Services (VAS) for Greater Revenue Generation, focused on how to optimize the network for service delivery and revenue generation.

As you know, mobile operators are facing a dilemma: bandwidth-intensive applications such as gaming and mobile TV are continuing to gain popularity but revenue isn’t increasing at a comparable rate. Operators need to upsell users to value-added services (VAS) because the operators that can sell differentiated VAS will increase their average revenue per user (ARPU) with higher margins. More specifically, VAS offerings that enable video services are expected to generate the most revenues. According to a survey we conducted during the webinar, 73% of respondents chose video VAS services (Video RBT, Video advertising, VoD, Video streaming) over VoLTE, RCE, audio VAS services (RBT, advertising) and multimedia conferencing.

During the webinar we also discussed the five new technologies that are disrupting the market and providing new opportunities for operators to expand their VAS offerings, especially the video services mentioned earlier. These new technologies include small cells and gateways, LTE, Wi-Fi and core network offloading, machine-to-machine and cloud media processing. If you were unable to attend this webinar and are interested in learning more about these technologies and the VAS opportunities they enable, the archived version is available here.

We’d like to thank everyone who followed this series and participated in our real-time surveys and discussions. If you missed one of the other webinars, all of the archived versions are available to download on our website and through the below hyperlinks.

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Webinar 3: Optimizing Value Added Services (VAS) for Greater Revenue Generation

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