Training Services – Up the Ante

Radisys takes service to the next level, offering customer training for its entire product portfolio

As an open specification, ATCA is oft marketed as a “plug-and-play” technology, but in reality, there’s more to ATCA than just plugging it in and powering up the system. There is typically some level of customization required to make the platform perform the way you want and Radisys arms its customers for this very task with its specialized Training Services.

Radisys’ product training sessions go beyond the traditional customer service 1-800 number or online FAQ; we offer our customers live, engineer-to-engineer, lab, web and classroom-based training for ATCA and all our product families.

The courses are customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of each individual customer and can be hosted at our corporate headquarters or onsite at the client’s facility. Length and detail of training are also determined on an individual basis. For example, we recently collaborated with a customer to develop an intensive five-week training course that met their specific educational objectives. We combined classroom training with lab training where the engineers could get first-hand experience and “play” with the systems. Some customers only need a basic one or two-day training course.

Although the length and objectives may vary from one customer to another, the one constant factor is the result: an increased degree of technical skill and a thorough understanding of how to leverage the technology for maximum return.

Our customers walk away with valuable information regarding the benefits of their system. They will have worked with the systems first-hand, enhancing their knowledge of system debugging, sequential booting, basic troubleshooting and more. Our thought is that the more our customers know, the more technically independent they are which allows us to help them focus on the most critical support issues.  Although we are always there for support throughout the product lifecycle, we like to see our customers leave the nest with the knowledge and skills that they need to effectively manage their systems.

Try getting all of that from a 1-800 number.

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