T-Series Compact = COTS Rack Mount Server+Telco-grade Performance

With the advent of Network Function Virtualization (NFV), service providers are embracing an infrastructure strategy that will deliver improved economics while enabling a more flexible environment that allows them to quickly spin up new services.  With the average revenue per user (ARPU)  flat –to-down and the increase of traffic, the need to embrace NFV has never been greater.

The main premise behind NFV  is to abstract the application logic from the underlying hardware, allowing service providers to move from purpose-built telecom equipment to rack mount COTS servers.  Enter in our new T-Series Compact with Dual Intel® Xeon® processors – that provides a reliable, high performance COTS-based platform for hosting virtualized applications. This rack mount server is not only Telco-grade, but has also been validated with the industry’s best performing hypervisors.  Radisys is very excited about this new server offering because of its versatility:  the combination of the latest Intel® Xeon® E5 2600 v3 Series Processor, Intel Data Plane Developer Kit (DPDK) optimizations, and high memory density delivers industry-leading performance in a 2U form factor.

As Telcos move to build more flexible cost-efficient networks, deploying the T-Series Compact from Radisys provides a superior platform for processing-intensive Virtualized Network Functions, including DPI, Security, and Media Optimization.

COTS rack mount server technology + Telco-grade performance = the new Radisys T-Series Compact.

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