Survey shows there’s no “silver bullet” when it comes to optimizing the core network

In our second webinar of the Optimizing Mobile Networks series, titled “Core Network Optimization: The Control Plane, Data Plane and Beyond,” industry leaders learned from our top systems architects about the challenges and complexities presented by the wide range of available applications for core network optimization. Driven by the massive growth in data traffic on the network, operators must optimize their networks to meet their goals for greater network efficiency, improved quality of service and increased revenue.

During the webinar, we analyzed the implications of varying optimization tools, with an emphasis on deferring CAPEX by increasing network efficiency. We also surveyed webinar participants, asking which of these tools they considered the most important for network optimization.

I wasn’t surprised when the survey results clearly showed that a variety of tools are needed to maximize network efficiency, and that operators aren’t relying on a single tool to meet their requirements. The tools cited as having the most potential were Small Cell/Wi-Fi Offloading, Video Gateways, Self-organizing Networks (SON) and 3G offload.

With regard to all available options for network optimization, the industry is arriving at an essential tipping point as companies re-evaluate the efficiency and utility of their data throughput solutions. Additionally, the continuing exponential growth bandwidth usage is adding urgency to the topic of optimization.

I encourage you to listen to the archive of our Core Network Optimization webinar for detailed information on the tools and more to help you address your core challenges. You can download the archived webinar here.

During our final webinar in our “Optimizing” series, we will focus on value-added services for greater revenue generation. Register here today: Optimizing Value Added Services (VAS) for Greater Revenue Generation

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