Spectrum May Not Be Beach Front Property, But Femtocells Americas Certainly Is

After a crazy travel schedule I couldn’t be happier to be heading to a conference in my own backyard. Who wouldn’t want to come to sunny San Diego in early December to hear the world’s experts expound on the potential and challenges for small cells. I’m excited to see what my colleagues have to say and look forward to sharing some of my own ideas.

I’ll be discussing how increasing the problem space of small cells from the original 3G residential femtocell to today’s hetnet (various sizes & wireless generation) creates new requirements and opportunities for small cell technology providers and preview my views on the upcoming opportunity for small cells to accelerate the move to LTE-Advanced – the REAL 4G (at least according to the standards masters at ITU-T).

Haven’t registered? It’s not too late. Surf’s up.

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