RCS VoLTE Interoperability Test Event a Success for Vendors and Operators Alike; White Paper Results Published

You may have read my recent blog post that highlighted how Radisys fared at the first ever RCS (Rich Communications Suite) VoLTE (Voice over LTE) Interoperability Event held in Slovenia and China in October. Now successfully completed, the event results are summarized in a white paper published by the European Telecoms Standards Institute, GSM Association (GSMA) and the MultiService Forum.

One of the event goals was to validate GSMA’s VoLTE recommendations for user equipment (UE) to IMS core network interoperability in a multi-vendor deployment. As a sponsor of the event, we came together with esteemed companies from around the world to build a multi-vendor, end-to-end LTE network at the Slovenia Lab, and to test different use case scenarios across the network. These scenarios included RCS VoLTE in a single/home network as well as for Roaming and Interconnect.

This was a valuable event for Radisys to participate in. We were able to successfully demonstrate our expertise in supporting RCS and VoLTE services in an interoperable network. Our flexible Media Resource Function (MRF) provided advanced capabilities in handling media processing requests, under the control of application servers and CSCF equipment from a variety of vendors.

Video calling, video share, video streaming announcements, video conferencing, video ringback tones and video IVVR (Interactive Voice and Video Response) were some of the video services we successfully tested and demonstrated during the event, all utilizing the Radisys MRF. These audio and video services were supported with full media transcoding and transrating (for carrier bandwidth optimization), across a diverse set of mobile handhelds (UEs) and associated audio/video codecs, including H.264 and AMR-WB.

Not only does the collaborative testing environment allow vendors like us to identify issues and improve products, but it provides operators the opportunity to fine-tune their deployment strategies and vendor selection.

Here are some key highlights from the event:

  • Displayed multi-vendor interoperability of UEs/clients, network infrastructure and services
  • Showcased VoLTE and multimedia (voice/video) calls and multimedia telephony services demonstration, including configuration of these services
  • Established voice and video calls with the appropriate quality of service, utilizing the policy framework
  • Demonstrated successful delivery of RCS video services
  • Verified that the GSMA technical recommendations, based on the 3GPP specifications, were mature and interoperable for the provision of VoLTE, video telephony and RCS services over LTE networks

I encourage you to download the “Multi-vendor Testing in Global RCS/VoLTE Networks” white paper here for more information on the network architecture and test scenarios, and a detailed analysis of the event results. Feel free to contact Radisys to learn more about how our end-to-end LTE solutions can support your network deployment and create new and exciting revenue-generating value-added multimedia services over LTE networks.

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