Radisys Media Servers Take to the Cloud!

Last week was filled with great announcements, including updates on many of the exciting partnerships Radisys has forged with its clients. I want to take today’s blog to focus on one in particular, the news that Arkadin has deployed Radisys media servers for its new Cloud Collaboration Platform.

We hear an awful lot about “the cloud” these days. In Arkadin’s case, they are delivering global conferencing services on an innovative, private global-IP network. In short, in this deployment our Radisys media servers are enabling the company to offer economical, feature-rich, cloud collaboration services to its enterprise customers. Rather than these enterprise customers purchasing and installing their own collaboration infrastructure, these customers can work with Arkadin and get these services from the cloud.

Radisys media servers (in this case the CMS-9000) are helping Arkadin differentiate their service offerings. Our solutions enable crystal-clear VoIP audio conferencing mixing, which, in turn, allows Arkadin to provide a differentiated audio conferencing experience to the service participants, often located on different continents. Because the platform is based on IP technology, with open signaling standards such as SIP, the cloud collaboration platform can be seamlessly integrated with web and video conferencing, intelligent call routing, a single set of country access numbers and maximum security.

What’s really exciting here is that this is an excellent proof point on how Radisys Media Servers can deliver real-time VoIP services across a cloud telecommunications architecture.

Many thanks to Arkadin for selecting Radisys to be a part of this innovative collaboration solution!

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