Racking up the Hardware

Today we announced once again the industry endorsement of our TOTALeNodeB product as key to the deployment and advancement of LTE networks. This time as recognized by the Mobility Tech Zone as winning the “LTE Visionary Award.” Now I’m not one to boast… well, yes, yes I am… but in all honesty when you win one award the promotion team did a good job twisting arms, but when you start collecting hardware like a star athlete it’s an affirmation from the market you must be proud of. This markets the third prestigious award for our TOTALeNodeB product including being named Best Enabling Technology 2012 by the Small Cell Forum and recognized by leading mobile operators, including AT&T and Verizon, as a Fierce Innovation Award Finalist.

So why all the accolades – first off Trillium TOTALeNodeB is a complete software solution that reduces development time by 50 percent and hugely simplifies integration of LTE small cells. In tangible terms this is how we are enabling the world’s first LTE small cell deployments with our customers at Korea Telecom and South Korea Telecom. TOTALeNodeB also is complemented by our similar software product for 3G HSPA+ small cells, named Femtotality. The combination of these two leading products gives a huge leg up on delivering multi-mode capabilities and are active in 15 small cell trials and deployments worldwide.

In the end, hardware is nice, but deployments really matter – and that’s where we are exceling. Thanks to the kind people at Mobility Tech Zone for recognizing this as well as the various other industry bodies throughout the last twelve months. If you’d like to hear more feel free to reach out to us, comment on this blog, or come see us at Mobile World Congress.

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