Partnerships, an essential but delicate balance in business relationships…

As the General Manager of Radisys’ Commercial Business Unit, I have the exciting, yet challenging, yet rewarding job of balancing a host of customer, engineering, manufacturing and employee challenges on a daily basis. Our product line focuses on open-standards, application-ready platforms that enable our customers to get to market faster with leading edge technology. Our customers’ product development needs range from medical applications and general industrial applications, to mil/aero applications.

With all these disparate applications, one company cannot possibly satisfy all the needs of these various applications. What we can do is recognize our strengths, whether it is in PCB design, open standards, mechanical needs or flexible manufacturing, and look for partners to strengthen our portfolio of services. Most often, our customers have already turned to us to complement their own engineering needs with our COTS platforms, but often ask us to stretch into areas that push us into new technologies or services. These customization needs are complex and require strong partnerships to deliver a successful solution to our customers while delivering a benefit to the bottom line of all stakeholders.

For example, when we develop our COTS based COM Express modules: These modules still require the development of a carrier board to host the modules. Our customers have a choice of three alternatives to develop this carrier board: source it internally, request it from Radisys or work with one of our partners in the Radisys Application Partner Program (RAPP). This drives different levels of partnership. Each alternative has differing business models. Having these business models in place and well understood helps address the issue of time-to-market.

By understanding each partner’s strength and area of expertise, business models can be quickly structured to ensure timely response, development and ultimately success of the project. When we have a need for mobile hand held applications, we turn to partners who already have that expertise through previous joint programs. When it is a rugged environment, stressing the extremes of both module, carrier and mechanical design, having partnerships in place with collaborative and experienced partners becomes even more important. Radisys values these partnership collaborations with customers and channel partnerships. It’s why we invest in our RAPP program and have the slogan “the power of we.” Teamwork is essential in this business; we appreciate our technology suppliers, application partners and solutions enablers.

If you see an area to collaborate with Radisys, feel free to respond to this blog and open a dialogue…

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