New White Paper Describes Benefits of IMS Architecture in the Cloud for Hosted Video Conferencing Services

Today’s world likes its video. Like the explosive growth we’ve seen in mobile video, video conferencing is also experiencing exponential growth, with Cisco predicting that video conferencing will grow by 6x between 2011 and 2016. But what is the best approach for Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs) to service this growth?

Historically, business video conferencing was largely based on traditional multipoint control unit (MCU) infrastructure. These systems were purchased by Fortune 500 businesses, and deployed in nterprise data centers to service endpoints in meeting room and executive desktop. Today, we’re also seeing video conferencing being offered as a service either as part of a modern Enterprise Unified Communications system or as an Over-the-Top (OTT) solution. More recently, a new video conferencing approach has emerged based on scalable video coding (SVC). All of these approaches have merits and drawbacks as described in this whitepaper.

Enter the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) — a service delivery architecture developed to meet the needs of telecommunications service providers offering multiple services on a large scale to numerous enterprise customers and consumers. The whitepaper explains how IMS delivers the qualities and capabilities required for hosted video conferencing services to any access technology or consumer group. By offering cloud video conferencing services based on IMS, CSPs can generate more revenue as well as offer their enterprise customers reduced costs and improved video collaboration with third-party participants. IMS also delivers the interworking between the “islands” of video conferencing capabilities across today’s MCU, Enterprise UC, or OTT offerings.

I’d like to direct you to our latest white paper, “Transition to Cloud Video Conferencing,” which explores trends in hosted and cloud video conferencing, compares the various deployment architectures and technologies, while describing how IMS is the best approach for CSPs to generate revenues through cloud-based multimedia conferencing service offerings to Enterprise customers and consumers.

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