New Solution Brief: Intelligent Traffic Distribution Systems for SDN and NFV

The Radisys FlowEngineTM is the new entrant in the highly competitive and complex world of networking. In relatively short time, it has captured a great deal of industry attention, leading to our first FlowEngine shipments to a leading North America Tier 1 service provider. The FlowEngine Intelligent Traffic Distribution System, comprised of FlowEngine software and Traffic Distribution Engine (TDE) platform, has attracted many eyes – from the tiny modern ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to the enormous networking incumbents, to service providers around the world. As a matter of fact, we were recently awarded 2015 INTERNET TELEPHONY NFV Pioneer Award, which recognizes demonstrated innovation and noteworthy developments towards improving Network Functions Virtualization deployment.

So what makes it so appealing to them and other potential customers? Is it performance, price, flexibility, or our collaborative approach with our customers? The answer is all of the above but there’s more…

You see, the growth in multimedia content access by subscribers in mobile and fixed-line networks is expanding faster than could ever have been forecasted by industry research firms. Millions of subscribers are creating millions of data sessions just within a single service provider network. SDN/NFV are playing an increasingly important role in the next-generation central office and mobile switching centers. Service providers understand the need to utilize off-the-shelf computing hardware running network functions as software. The Radisys FlowEngine Intelligent Traffic Distribution System addresses this need in multiple ways.

Our new Solution Brief: Intelligent Traffic Distribution Systems, explains how we’ve combined the strengths of traditional networking equipment with value-added features for SDN orchestration with NFV traffic distribution. The brief outlines use cases such as intelligent traffic distribution, service function chaining, flow-based load balancing, and packet filter and capture (network tap).

We think you will find the Solution Brief to be an informative reference as you are building out your next-generation networks. Please don’t hesitate to contact Radisys to speak with me or one of our FlowEngine team of experts.

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