New ATCA T-Series Management Software

Several folks at Radisys have already blogged about our exciting ATCA T-Series announcement (see Keate’s post about innovation and Manish’s post about the industry drivers). I want to talk today about something we spent a great deal of time on, the T-Series Management Software on the new Radisys T40 Platform.

I’ll refer you to the Radisys website for a detailed look at the features of the software (click on the “Features” tab for a cool before and after comparison), and instead focus on the high level benefits of this new solution.

One incredible benefit of the T-Series Management Software is that it gives TEMs a head start to market. They don’t have to worry about completing integration at this step of the development cycle and can instead start deeper into their development program. This allows them to focus the majority of their resources on their unique value add.

In addition, I’d like to talk about the three key capabilities of the software:

  • Platform management, load balancing and switch redundancy, all of which address major issues facing TEMs today. With platform management, TEMs get single point management capabilities.
  • An internal load balancer evenly distributes traffic while eliminating the large expense of an external network element.
  • Lastly, switch redundancy eliminates the issues created by non-optimal forwarding paths in the data flow.

In short, I believe the addition of the T-Series Management Software really ties all of the modules in the T40 platform together resulting in an outstanding integrated solution for our customers tackling the toughest challenges presented by 4G and LTE.

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