Need to Monetize Mobile Media? Meet the MPX-12000

The timing couldn’t be better for the announcement of our latest solution, the MPX-12000. Operators today are really feeling the squeeze, as mobile video and data traffic flow through their networks at ever increasing rates…without their share of the pie keeping pace.

Mobile operators need to bump up ARPU by offering compelling, differentiated and personalized real-time audio and video mobile services. That’s where Radisys and the new MPX-12000 can help.

An IMS network with the MPX-12000 allows operators to monetize the flow of media through their networks. What exactly do I mean by this?  Let’s go back and consider 2G mobile networks. Operators might recall how basic 2-way calls became a commodity, which squeezed margins and ARPU. So how did 2G mobile operators increase ARPU?  By offering mobile Value-Added Servers (VAS) like voicemail, ringback tones, conferencing, or audio advertising services.

Fast forward to today. 3G HSPA and emerging LTE mobile networks are providing broadband mobile speeds like never before. The result is mobile traffic is growing exponentially – particularly mobile video traffic.  Early beneficiaries of these trends are largely the Over The Top (OTT) service providers. Meanwhile, the mobile operator seems increasingly relegated to fighting it out with their data service plans. And over time, data services will also become commodity items with decreasing margins and ARPU.

That is where the MPX-12000 comes in. When deployed as the Multimedia Resource Function (MRF) in an LTE IMS architecture, the MPX-12000 can deliver, support, and “monetize” huge volumes of audio and video IP media streams. For example, operators need to migrate all their traditional, mobile audio value-added services (VAS) to video VAS equivalents – what I call the “videoization” of mobile VAS. Services like video conferencing, interactive voice and video response (IVVR), video ringback tones, video streaming with advert insertions, and even video mail. Operators can monetize all these services and more using an MPX-12000 in their IMS service architectures, to generate new service revenues and increase ARPU.

What’s also really cool about this announcement is that this is the first product in our portfolio to bring together our IP media processing technology and expertise with our high-performance ATCA open telecommunication platforms.

In the appropriate words of Radisys VP David Smith, we’re taking “media processing innovation to the next level”, while helping our service provider customers improve their bottom line.

But don’t just take our words for it. Check out what Sue Rudd of Strategy Analytics has to say by reading the full announcement here.

Heading to MWC? If you’re in Barcelona, stop by the Radisys booth to say hello and see the MPX-12000 first hand!

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