MWC’12 Lost and Found

MWC’12 was a lost and found event for me on many different fronts.

My Phone, lost then found: Sunday I arrived in Barcelona all excited and looking forward to the week. And then suddenly my phone went missing. Couple of years back my wallet was stolen here, and I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me all over again. And yes I immediately jumped to the conclusion that my phone was stolen. I was really upset as the very idea of getting through the MWC week without my phone was daunting. That’s how integrated mobile phones are in our connected lives today. Hard to get through a day without having your phone, your calendar, your emails, your apps, your web 24×7 right in the palm of your hand. Truth be told, the phone was not stolen. Instead as it turns out I lost it – dropped it in the taxi. It was my fault. Lesson: Don’t jump to conclusions too fast, and don’t let past experiences cloud your judgment. Can’t thank that taxi driver enough who found the phone and then tracked me down in next two days to return my phone back to me. Viva el Barcelona!

Devices lost, infrastructure found: Unlike past few MWCs, devices this year lost the spotlight as infrastructure found itself at the very heart of the buzz. Small cells, DPI, IMS, VoLTE, Packet Core were the talk of the town of this year. And for those who were jumping to conclusions too fast writing off small cells, well they only found Radisys, KT, Qualcomm, Cisco, Ericsson, LSI, Mindspeed etc. were all announcing small cell products and initiatives. We proudly saw our Trillium LTE software in action in KT’s LTE Femtocell demonstration of the connected home on the show floor. (See video below)

And while small cells were the buzz to address the data deluge challenges, voice wasn’t forgotten either. VoLTE and IMS were dominating the voice-centric discussion. VoLTE rollouts are set to gain momentum this year and yes, IMS is back and RCS is hot. Don’t let the past cloud your judgment on IMS market potential. Even GSMA launched the consumer facing brand “joyn”, countering OTT. DPI, video optimization, Policy control and Network Monetization were the talk of the town. Our operator survey had projected all this and our market research was resoundingly validated by MWC’12. If you missed this research paper highlighting the results – here is the link.

CCPU lost, Radisys found: CCPU was lost in oblivion at MWC’12, if you recall we acquired them last year. And Radisys was found as the undisputed market leader of “Embedded Wireless Infrastructure Solutions” at MWC’12. We announced three major products:

  1. MPX-12000: Media Resource Function (MRF) for IMS core to deliver VoLTE and RCS, including mobile video calling and conferencing
  2. TotaleNodeB: LTE small cell software suite, including RRM and SON
  3. RMS-220Extending our market leading DPI portfolio with the addition of this new low end DPI platform

At MWC’12 we celebrated our 175 wireless infrastructure customer wins as we announced NEC, Fujitsu, Mavenir, Minieum, Dongwon, Torres Networks, Arkadin, C2Tech, Net2Phone, Polaris Wireless, ViaSat and Synexxus customer wins as build up to MWC’12. We proudly added LSI to our partner eco-system.

Overall a great show, and I’ll always remember MWC’12 as a lost and found event.

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