MPX-12000 Recognized for Innovation by Internet Telephony

Good news to report. The Radisys MPX-12000 has been honored with a 2012 NGN Leadership Award! Handed out by the editors at Internet Telephony, these awards recognize excellence in the next generation of communications technologies.

The awards this year paid special attention to the growth and evolution of infrastructure solutions for advanced networks. When looking at the telecom industry from this perspective, the MPX-12000 is a perfect selection. Our solution was, in fact, designed specifically to address the LTE rollout challenges our customers are facing as they look to the future deployments of their own networks.

The MPX-12000 is the first product to integrate Radisys’ expertise and leadership in IP media processing technology with our high-performance ATCA open telecommunication platforms. Why is this award-winning?  In short, in a world where data traffic flows through networks at an astounding pace, a solution that helps efficiently monetize mobile media (think mobile VAS) empowers the operator and increases their bottom line. Check out this video to learn more about how deploying the MPX-1200 as an MRF in your next-gen infrastructure can impact your ARPU.

I’d like to close by quoting the CEO of TMC, Rich Tehrani. “The NGN Leadership Awards has recognized those companies that are transforming this industry.” I’m proud that we at Radisys are keeping such company and would like to thank both Internet Telephony for the recognition and the great team at Radisys that continues to bring these amazing solutions to our industry.

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